Circulation Therapy

appointment 50 mins $100


Circulation Therapy focuses on fluid Circulation in the body; this is where our health and vitality flows! Our fluids carry many life - sustaining compounds; dissolved gases (such as oxygen), hormones, nutrients, anti- inflammatory factors, immune boosting agents, and nutrients vital for cellular health and the function of many physiological processes.

This unique approach uses specific techniques to treat many fluid systems in the body. The Lymphatics are thoroughly pumped (initiating detox/clearing toxins), veins and arteries are treated to regulate blood pressure, congestion and inflammation is gently broken down to improve fluid flow, the gut is treated to aid in digestive functions, and fascial restrictions are released to relax the nerves and improve fluid flow. This approach with greatly assist blood pressure, improve organ function, ease muscles and lubricate joints and improve overall health and vitality. Circulation Therapy treats your specific concerns and is also ideal for full body maintenance and restoration that anyone would benefit from!