Whats Happening?

This past April we celebrated our first anniversary in our new space. We have had some wonderful feedback and as always are so grateful to be able to provide a space of healing and renewal for the people of Revelstoke.

Erin Potter, Chinese medicine practitioner, has returned to work part time from her maternity leave and is happy to be back doing what she loves.

We have a small selection of meticulously curated, high quality supplements, teas, and topical products for sale including Thorne supplements, Spring Dragon tea, Calyx CBD oil and more.  We are often bringing in new items so be sure to check in and see what is available.

Finally we are delighted to have our cheerful receptionist Maggie Davis available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. If you are looking to pick up items from our products shelf or have any questions, these are the times to pop in!

We are now open 7 days a week so hopefully you can find a time that works for your schedule to give back to yourself.