Shannon MacLean

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Shannon is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She grew up in Terrace, spending summers in a rustic cabin on Charlotte Lake, BC. These wild areas brought forth her love of mountains and deep powder, forests and hiking, reading and writing, swimming and paddling, fishing and foraging, silence and presence. When she was a young teenager, Shannon picked up her first book on the nutrient density and medicinal value of individual whole foods, and was immediately fascinated, going on to read many related books. She studied International Relations at UBC, which taught her the value of perspective and the practice of cultural relativism. Early in her decade-long tree planting career, she noticed a direct correlation between the most successful planters and the food they were fueling themselves with. Without exception, those who were planting the most were eating nutrient-dense, high-quality foods. 


Shannon felt immediately at home nestled in the mountains of Revelstoke, and chose to  follow her passion, studying Holistic Nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and graduating with honors. Somewhere along the way she developed severe Psoriasis, an inflammatory autoimmune disease which presents with irritated scaling of the skin. Shannon's whole face and much of her body was red and swollen. Allopathic offerings included steroids and chemotherapy. Diving deeper into the study of autoimmune disease and intestinal permeability, Shannon shocked her doctors, healing her skin by healing her gut, using only diet modifications, supplementation, stress management, and yoga to heal. She is grateful for this experience, as she is able to share her first-hand lessons with clients. A self-proclaimed foodie, Shannon is passionate about making healthy food delicious and accessible, and is writing her first cookbook of gut-healing recipes she designed to keep herself satisfied while on this healing journey. Shannon believes fad diets and labels are futile, as each body is biochemically unique. Her aim is to create a holistic, integrative, and judgement-free practice centred around education as a means to empower clients, leading them to their own intuition and innate ability to thrive given the right circumstances.


Shannon sees the importance of staying current and science-based, and can often be found listening to functional medicine podcasts while she cooks, reading studies on pubmed, or reading books on specific ailments. She is currently a member of the Adapt Academy, an institute for functional and evolutionary medicine.